Collection: Northampton State Hospital Photographs by Mark Majeski, 2001



Mark Majeski photographed the Northampton State Hospital buildings in 2002 after they had been abandoned in the early 1990s, and several years before they were finally torn down. The result is a series of exterior and interior views showing the buildings' architecture and how it was affected by years of neglect. The color images include the former theater, kitchen, cafeteria, visiting area, doctor's office/apothecary, among others. The buildings and rooms, even while uninhabited and in a deteriorated condition, give the viewer a sense of the people and activities that took place there during a period of over 100 years. The life and death of Northampton State Hospital is an important chapter in the history of our community. In these photographs, the interior views present us with spaces that only patients, staff and visitors saw while the hospital was in operation. These images contribute to the history of health care in Northampton, treatment of the mentally ill, architecture, community preservation, and the ongoing controversy regarding the disposition of the land and buildings.


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